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Risks of Water Damage

Is your yard flooding? This is not an issue to be dismissed as a seasonal issue. Just because your feet are dry while in your home doesn’t mean that you should tolerate a flooded yard. Installing exterior drainage will help to ensure that you avoid many of the problems that a flooded yard can cause. These include:

  • Foundation cracks which compromise the integrity of the house.
  • Basement leaks leading to flooding and property damage.
  • Health risks caused by mold growth in the basement.
  • Loss of home value due to water damage
  • Damaged landscape

Avoid These Problems With Proper Exterior Drainage

Damage to Foundations
A flooded yard is never a good thing especially when you consider your foundation. Water will accumulate near your foundation and cause damage to the foundation walls. You will thereafter have to deal with moisture damage in your basement including mold infestations and basement flooding. You will also avoid the occurrence of bowing basement walls. You can get rid of standing pools of water by investing in exterior drainage. This will ensure that your foundation is protected from water damage.

Collapsing of Retaining Walls
If your home is on a hillside or near a steep slope, you probably have retaining walls that are meant to prevent the soil behind them from sliding down. These walls are susceptible to collapse when they are exposed to high levels of pressure. If your yard is flooding, chances are there is high hydrostatic pressure acting against the walls. This will cause failure of the walls. Repairing the damage resulting from the failure can be very costly.

Poor drainage of water from your yard will result in soil erosion. This will mean that you will have to invest in fertilizers and other remedies to restore your eroded yard. This can be very expensive and will not provide a long-term solution to encourage a healthy yard.

Damaged Yard
Adequate drainage will ensure that your yard is conducive for the growth of plants. It will also ensure that the yard is pleasant to look at and use. A flooded yard is similar to a swamp environment. It is muddy and will result in the death of plants. It doesn’t matter why your yard is not draining properly. Installing an exterior drainage system is vital for any yard that floods. Be sure to seek the assistance of a trained and experienced professional to ensure that the drainage system is designed to meet the requirements of your yard. A professional will make sure that your drainage system is efficient.

Below are some systems a contractor can use to solve the problem of poor surface drainage.

French Drain
This is a perforated pipe that is installed in a flat yard to drain away standing water. It involves excavating a trench that slopes away from the property and the pipe is then installed. A porous material such as gravel is used to fill the trench before the trench is finally covered. Standing water follows the easiest escape route meaning it will seep down to the French tile and drain away from your yard.

Footing Drain
This is a highly effective water drainage system. A pipe is installed around the perimeter of the foundation walls on level with the footing. This pipe collects any water that would have leaked through the top of the footing into the basement and drains it away from the foundation walls. The drain is covered with gravel up to the soil’s surface.

Gutter Drainage System
Roof water can cause havoc if not well drained. A gutter and downspout system help drain away all roof water away from the house walls. The downspout drain should extend away from the walls and preferably direct the water to a storm sewer or catch basin.

Grading Drainage
This is a simple technique that involves reworking the grading in order to slope away from your house. A contractor will assess the gradient needed to drive water into the storm sewer within the building code.

Why Do People Choose A-Lawns & Stone?

A Lawns and Stone, are experts at remedying drainage and standing water problems on residential and commercial properties. A Lawns and Stone is owner operated. Our relentless pursuit to provide the best quality products and service has given us the reputation as a leader in New Jersey. No job is too big or too small, and we approach every job with the same integrity. A-lawns & Stone has the capability to draft 3D designs of any type of project to ensure your vision gets executed exactly the way you want. Our price matching guarantee makes us the most competitive contractor in the area.

So why choose us? We believe that your home should be an enjoyable and relaxing environment for your friends and family to safely enjoy. It starts with a one on one consultation to discuss what your property drainage problems are and how we can solve them. We provide excellent competitive pricing, precision execution of your project, professionalism and outstanding customer service.

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