Commercial Concrete Contractors

Commercial Concrete Contractors

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Why Do People Choose A-Lawns & Stone?

Our owner operated business has allowed us to lead the industry of exterior commercial and residential home renovations. Before each project, our customers will be able to visualize their ideal landscapes from our advanced 3D designs to make sure it is exactly what they wanted. We offer the most competitive pricing in the area with our price matching guarantee. From small to large projects, no project is too big or too small for our team.

We lead the industry in landscape design and exterior stone design and hardscape construction.  Our friendly and professional staff are dedicated to giving our customers a worry free experience with them low maintenance exterior services. Our design consultation and 3D computer layout will help to give you the solution to all of your home’s landscape needs.

Concrete Concrete Contractors

Over the years, we have completed many different concrete projects. Whether the project is small or large, A Lawns & Stone will get the job done. From industrial buildings to residential homes, our concrete work can be customized to the needs of your space.

Concrete is often used for sidewalks, over asphalt driveways, foundations, retaining walls and more! Our concrete paving solutions will give you the finished look that you want for your home or commercial building. We always meet the demands of every job our customer needs with our combined experience, quality craftsmanship and durable equipment and materials to make sure the service is done to our customer’s liking.

Installing Concrete Sidewalks

If you want to install a concrete sidewalk, it should always be done by a professional. The first step is to build strong wooden forms, which should not be done by someone who is inexperienced. Then, any curves in the sidewalk would be formed with hardboard. Any protruding stakes from the form should be leveled so it doesn’t rise above the form. After that, make sure your sidewalk has a solid base of dirt by packing it down solid. This will make sure the next step, pouring in the concrete, has a leveled base that is strong. Start packing in the concrete to create a strong slab and force out air bubbles. Always add the right amount of water. If you are hesitant, do not add water unless the concrete is too dry and will not flow down the chute. Then, create grooves in the concrete, called “control joints” to allow the concrete to break in these places rather than having cracks all over. You can do this when the concrete is wet, or create them with a saw once the concrete dries. Sidewalk joints should be made every 5ft or less and driveway joints should be made every 10ft or less. Once the concrete is completely dry, sweep away excess debris with a broom.

Concrete Repairs

A Lawns & Stone not only work on concrete installation but also repairs. If you are concerned about the unsightly look of cracks in your sidewalk, have an experienced professional from A Lawns & Stone fill them in. Before adding the repair patch, any small particles must be removed from the crack that may prevent the adhesive from bonding to the sidewalk. Then, a caulk is filled into the cracks and tapped in to prevent air bubbles from forming. Smooth the mixture with a trowel until it dries and then brush off excess debris from the material.

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Q: How Do I Paint or Stain Concrete?

A: You can buy the paints to stain or paint concrete from a paint store. Ask the owner of the store which is the best paint to use to last a long time through weathering.

Q: How Would I get Stains out of My Concrete Floor?

Sometimes concrete can get stains from grease or other harsh chemicals. You may be able to find a stain remover at a hardware store. For a DIY stain remover, try sprinkling tri-sodium phosphate. Let the material sit for 30 minutes and then scrub with a bristle brush and hot water. After this step, rinse with clean water. If you do not have tri-sodium phosphate, you can also use a common household material, dishwashing detergent. Add dishwashing detergent to wet concrete and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, add hot water. Repeat these steps until the stain is lifted.

Q: Why is My Concrete Cracking Shortly After Installation?

A: Concrete will naturally crack after installation, and this is not a sign that there was damage to the concrete. Once the concrete is installed, it is supposed to crack after the process of drying, curing and hardening. This causes a lot of stress between the cement paste and aggregates which makes it crack. However, if you would like to slow down the cracking process, you can insert joints in your concrete at regular intervals. You always want to get to the source of cracking first, which our experts can help you with. You can fill cracks with a repair agent like Epoxy Grout.

Q: What other services do you offer?

A: Here is a list of services offered but not limited to:

Outdoor kitchens
Custom Masonry
Outdoor lighting
Site work
Tree Work
Landscape design
Stairs and Steps
Sod and seeding
Driveways and walkways
Outdoor living areas
Firepits and fireplaces
Total Property Renovations

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